Dalton Decorating Services

Dalton Decorating Services are a Painting and Decorating company that provides their services nationwide, including Seaham, England and Wales. We’ve only just started out but there is much experience in our team.

The company has only just started but we’ve been providing business decoration services for large and small businesses as well as home decoration and TV makeover programmers.

Painters In UK & Wales

Dalton Decorating Services has experienced and skilled staff who can provide a wide variety of services to meet our clients needs

Please feel free to contact us for free estimates and advice.

When it comes to decorating and painting services there isn’t much we’re not used to.

Painting & Decorating

We can paint internal walls, external walls, doors, cabinets, shop fronts, and windows. We offer everything within our quote: from the dusts sheets to the paint. We won’t charge for paint brushes or anything like that we make it as simple as possible.

So whether you need to redecorate your house or need to refresh your business we can help. We aren’t just limited to aesthetics our painters can help prevent long term property damage. Some of this damage could be due to water, corrosion, dampness, insects and mold.

So if you’re in wales or anywhere in england and want a affordable painter’s quote, reach out today!